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Seldom Fools Apiculture is a small apiary, but we aren’t afraid to think big.

We’re thinking nothing less than revolution. Nothing short of that is going to help in the long run.

The commercial beekeeping industry has a dirty secret. Conventionally produced honey, that “pure” and “natural” product crafted by the industrious honey bee isn’t necessarily as pure and clean as they’d have you believe. From spring to fall, one toxic brew after another is dumped into the hive in the name of “health” and some of these hive treatments wind up in your honey.

We’re here to say that not only is it generally not necessary, in many cases it does more harm to the overall health of the hive than it does to help.

Have a poke around and you’ll see what we mean. We’ve been keeping bees without any kind of chemical treatments (not even those allowed by the organic standards) since 2008 and our losses are almost identical to the Ontario averages.