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The Beekeeper Stands Between Humans And Extinction

I’d never heard of an online magazine called The Plaid Zebra before today, but it’s looking like an interesting place to spend some time. On December 1st, they published an article and released a 7-minute documentary about the honeybee and a beekeeper in Colorado who very much does things the same way we do: It’s a very thoughtful piece, even …

The Great Hive Design Trial!

Holy moley, it’s live. The Kickstarter page for the Great Hive Design Trial just went live. If you’re interested in helping honeybees or know someone who is, have a look. You never know, you could wind up being part of something really special.

Bees Matter

Given the crash course in plant pollination that everyone has had since CCD reared its ugly head in the US, it seems kind of silly to have to say it. Of course bees matter. Yet, that’s what a group of Ontario farm organizations “and the agricultural industry that supports them” felt the burning need to say on the weekend. And say …