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The Beekeeper Stands Between Humans And Extinction

I’d never heard of an online magazine called The Plaid Zebra before today, but it’s looking like an interesting place to spend some time.

On December 1st, they published an article and released a 7-minute documentary about the honeybee and a beekeeper in Colorado who very much does things the same way we do:

It’s a very thoughtful piece, even if they do bring up that long-debunked quote attributed to Albert Einstein. 😉

It sounds dramatic, but the title is true: the beekeeper and his bees are all that stands between you and catastrophe. Think about that the next time some chemical industry shill tries to tell you that we’re doing just fine. He’s lying.

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  1. That’s a great short film. I could watch bees all day long. I’m gonna build a little observation hive like the one he had in the video this year to use as a teaching aid. Great for sharing with kids, taking to markets, etc. Thanks for sharing!

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