Hive inspection quick reference cards

I got the idea for these from someone on a beekeeping forum a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of whom, so I can’t credit him. Printed off, 5 to a letter-sized page, they’re meant to be tacked to the rear of a hive so you can tell with a quick glance what was going on in the hive the last time you were there:

Hive inspection quick reference

How old is the queen? Was there a queen? The hive’s temperament, were there swarm preparations? Do they have lots of stores? How about the mite level?

We’re deploying these on a large scale this year and I’ve made them into an interactive PDF form freely available to anyone who wants them. The hive number in each row is editable and automatically resizes the text, so you can put your hive id there, then print the page out and away you go.

It’s by no means required, but it would be great if anyone using them could let me know. If you have any problems, also get in touch. Thanks and have fun.

Hive Inspection Record Cards – Interactive Form

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