“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” — Robert Burns

He’s right. It seems to happen often around here.

I had great intentions for re-vamping the site. Simplify it; trim it down. There were some sporadic issues with the navigation and the sites was just too darned flashy for us.

I had it all set up and working beautifully. That’s when Murphy and his law struck. This site runs on a content-management system called WordPress. All of the content: posts, pages and settings, everything except image files, are stored in a database. During the move, something happened and the database got corrupted.

So, all of my work updating pages is down the drain. So are all the blog posts and comments. Sigh.

Time to start over I guess! I’ve been able to pull some of the old content from the Internet Archive, but not all of it. So, what I’ve been able to get back into place is up now and anything else will be added as I write it.

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