Bee Heroic, Canada!

I just came across this illustration on Twitter. It’s time for everyone to stand up and let your voices be heard.

Much to the obvious chagrin of the pesticide companies, not only are neonicotinoid pesticides killing bees by the millions, a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health has strengthened the link between exposure to two widely used neonicotinoids and colony collapse disorder.

Call your MP, your MPP, anyone you can think of in a position of influence. Demand a moratorium on the use of these insecticides until them can be proven safe. Something that should have been required in the first place. Pesticides shouldn’t have to be proven dangerous before they’re removed from the market. As my Dad used to say, “That’s bass-ackwards!”

Bee Heroic, Canada!


There’s a high-resolution pdf of the graphic here if you want to print it out.

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