The Toronto Star takes down the Bees Matter campaign

I think I’m in love with Toronto Star columnist Catherine Porter.  😆

Her column today is a take-down of this week’s Bees Matter newspaper ads that ran across Ontario and she jumps in with guns blazing:

The pesticide lobby funded an “open letter to Ontarians” published a couple times this week as a full-page ad in all the major newspapers, including this one.

The campaign hinges upon the whole thing coming from “Ontario’s family farmers.” Clearly it’s failed on that point right off the bat.

Porter does something that I doubt anyone anticipated when they put that ad package together: she looked into the claims made and has found them, shall we say, lacking:

I spent a couple days digging into the letter’s “facts.” Most are so delicately cherry-picked they seem purposefully misleading. Others, I’d say, are flat-out wrong.

It’s a wonderful piece of journalism. Check it out: Safety of neonicotinoids for bees and other creatures unclear

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